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Full Size Testing of Structures and Members

The NSEL facility is capable of running large scale structural tests of steel composites and concrete assemblies.

One of the recent examples of full size testing in the laboratory is the Analysis of Light Pole Vibration in Illinois . The research is headed by Professor Nicholas Jones and his research associate Luca Caracoglia . Professor Jones and his team have tested a full size light pole in the lab. The 20-40 foot light pole is attached to the reaction wall, a 25' yo-yo gauge, and a servo-controlled actuator. The actuator simulates the force imposed by the wind on the light pole. The yo-yo gauge detects the displacement of the light-pole during the testing process. A photograph of the testing setup is shown below.

Another example of full size testing involved twelve concrete girders tested by Tom Nagle and Prof. D. Kuchma to address the serious issue with infrastructure deterioration. Each girder was 63" deep bulb-tees with a 10" cast in place deck for a total height of 73 in. The girders were 52 feet long and tested on a 50 foot simple span.

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