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Experimental Evaluation of Cyclic Behavior and Performance of Beam-Column Bracing Connections Subject to Cyclic Bending in Concentrically-Braced Frames

by Prof. Larry Fahnestock and Chris Stoakes


This study investigates the behavior and performance of beam-column connections in concentrically-braced frames (CBFs) for use in a moderate ductility reserve system.  Recent computational studies have shown a moderate ductility reserve system, which becomes active after the bracing connections have fractured, may be necessary to reliably prevent collapse of CBFs in moderate seismic regions.  Various beam-column-gusset connections are studied using large-scale experiments to determine their ability to sustain bending flexural demands.  The primary method for improving the rotational stiffness, strength and ductility of the connection is to replace the typical steel connection angles with an end plate.  The test setup is a beam-column subassembly taken from a CBF where the bracing connections are assumed to have fractured and the frame develops inflection points at the mid-points of the beams and columns.  Flexure in the connection is simulated by applying a transverse point load to the free end of the beam with a hydraulic actuator

If you are interested in this project or if you have any questions, contact Chris Stoakes or Prof. Larry Fahnestock.
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