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Shear Strength of Prestressed Concrete Girders cast with HSC


Principal Investigators: Prof. Daniel Kuchma, Neil Hawkins

Research Assistants: Kang Su Kim, Thomas Nagle, Shaoyun Sun, Michael Beintum

Developments in high-strength concrete materials are rapid, with compressive strengths in laboratory tests now exceeding 100 ksi (690 MPa). These developments hold the promise of helping to address serious infrastructure deterioration issues and of spanning longer crossings more efficiently through the use of HSC pre-stressed I-shaped or bulb-tee girders. Unfortunately, structural laboratory experimental research has not kept pace with developments of HSC materials and their use. Consequently, the current AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications limit the compressive strength of concrete to 10 ksi unless physical tests are made to provide the relationships between the concrete strength and other properties. Of the barriers to the extension of LRFD Design specifications for HSC, shear has been identified as a critical issue. Due to the lack of test data of pre-stressed concrete beams cast with HSC, this experimental program consisted of shear tests of pre-stressed concrete beams cast with HSC. The main focuses of this experimental study were

  1. The sectional design procedure for shear,
  2. The concrete compressive strength limit, and
  3. Limits used for maximum and minimum shear reinforcement.
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