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Machine Shop


The Civil and Environmental Engineering Machine Shop is one of the most unique shops in this area. It is the largest and most versatile shop on the UIUC campus.

There is a wide variety of machining done in this shop. We have the capability to manufacture the most minute devices, such as laser nozzles and bodies for the Nuclear Physics Dept., and designing and building large structural testing equipment like bridges and bridge piers.

The employees in this shop possess the highest skill level in the field. They do all types of welding (MIG-TIG-BRAZING-SILVER SOLDERING) to close specifications. The concrete lab is the only one of its kind. Any mixture that can be thought of can be created and tested. All customers with any type of job are welcomed!


Employees of the Machine Shop

Listed below are the employees of the Machine shop.

Supervisor: tim Tim Prunkard
Instrument Maker: Darold Marrow
Senior Lab Mechanics: Chester Riggin
Marc Killion
Lab Mechanic: Charles Cook
Trainee Lab Mechanics: Jamar Brown
Don Marrow
Graduate Students:  
Undergraduate Students: David Ruwe  
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