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Temposonics® Transducers

Temposonics® Transducers are the ideal transducers for monitoring and measurement of systems or machine control involving hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical or even manual positioning in industrial or commercial applications. There are two types of Temposonics® Transducers available for use in Newmark Laboratory:
Model # TTSRO20240AS1R TTSRBU0100AS2B
Serial # 75672-02-001 79489-81-002
Stroke 24.0" 10.0"
Range ±12.0" ±5.0"
Output, V 0 - 10 -10 - 10
Gradient 8.9977 US/" 8.9669 US/"
Inventory # C 53261 C 53259
Quantity 2 2
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