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10 kip Capacity Load Cells

The load cells mentioned below are designed for 10 kip loading capacity. LC (load cell) - A (aluminum) - # (capacity, kip) - # (consecutive no.) - # (cross section area, in2) - # (inner diameter, in) - # (length, in).
Designation Number Outer Diameter (in) Excitation Voltage (V) Resistance for Balance Resistor (kΩ, between...) Calibration Equation: Calibration Data (VDC)
Uout = UcalA Ucal B
LC-A-10-1-0.368-0.437-2.50 0.813 4.00 40 (B and D) 1.0009F-.004518 0.98 -0.97
LC-A-10-2-0.368-0.437-2.50 0.813 4.00 40 (B and D) 1.0006F-.00317 0.97 -0.96
LC-A-10-3-0.368-0.437-2.50 0.813 4.00 40 (B and D) 1.0006F-.00951 0.96 -0.97
LC-A-10-4-0.368-0.437-2.50 0.813 4.00 40 (B and D) 1.0008F-.00587 0.98 -0.97
Calibration curve: force is directly proportional to the output voltage
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