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Model 3542RA2-0800-250-ST

The axial strain extensometer is designed to measure the axial deformation of a specimen under loading conditions. The 3542RA2 model allows for a continually adjustable specimen diameter for diverse testing. This model allows for easy mounting by use of integral springs.
Model # 3542RA2-0800-250-ST
Gauge Length [mm (in)] 203.2  (8.00)
Travel [mm (in)] ± 6.00 (0.250)
Temperature Ranges [°C (°F)] -40 - 175 (-40 - 350)
Linearity 0.20 %
Range [mm (in)] ± 12.70 (0.500)
Output 2 to 4 mV/V (model dependent)
Excitation 10 VDC typical, 15 VDC or VAC max.
Cable Ultra-flexible integral cable, 8 ft (2.5 m) long
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