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10" yo-yo guage

The PT101 transducer provides a voltage feedback signal proportional to the position of the traveling stainless steel extension cable.
Range 0-10 inches
Weight 2 lb. typical
Enclosure Material powder coated or anodized aluminum
Sensor plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer
Electrical Connector MS3102E-14S-6P
Mating Plug MS3102E-14S-6S
Sensor Resistance 500, 1K, 5K & 10K ohms
Optional Bridge Circuits 2mV/V & adjustable 0-3- mV/V
Power Rating, Watts 2.0 at 70°F (derated to 0 watts at 250°F)
Recommended Maximum Voltage 30V
Accuratcy: 10 inch range ± 0.15 % full stroke
Resolution essentially infinite
Repeatability Greater of ± 0.001 inches or 0.02 % full stroke
Cable Tension 12 (Ounces ± 30 %)
Max. Cable Acceleration 11 g (Gravitites)
Measuring Cable 0.019-inch dia. nylon-coated stainless steel
Measuring Cable Fitting crimp and swivel
Operating Temperature -40°F to +200°F
Temperature Coefficient of Sensing Element 88 P.P.M./°F
Humidity 100 % RH at 90°F
Vibration up to 10 G's to 2000 Hz
Enclosure NEMA 1
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