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9" yo-yo guage

The heavy-duty measuring cable is highly-tensioned to allow for a high degree of accuracy during highly-accelerated experimentation.
Full Stroke Range 0-9 inches min.
Output Signal voltage divider (potentiometer)
Accuracy ± 0.25 % full stroke
Repeatability ± 0.02 % full stroke
Resolution essentially infinite
Measuring Cable 0.019-in nylon-coated stainless steel
Enclosure Material anodized aluminum
Sensor Cover polycarbonate
Sensor conductive plastic-hybrid potentiometer
Input Resistance 10K ohms (±5 %)
Power Rating, Watts 2.0 at 70°C (derated to 0 @ 125°C)
Recommended Maximum Input Voltage 30V (AC or DC)
Output Signal Change Over Measurement Range 94 % ± of input voltage
Mating Plug Lemo FGG.OB.304.CLAD52
Measuring Cable Tension Options 33 Oz.
Maximum Measuring Cable Acceleration 136 G's
Operating Temperature -40o to 125°C
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