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25 g Accelerometer

Range (Full Scale) ± 25 g
Sensitivity (Nominal) 10/8 mV/g
Output Resistance (Nominal) 1000 ohms
Input Resistance (Nominal) 1000 ohms
Frequency Response (± 5% max) 0 to 650 Hz
Excitation 10.0 Vdc
Mounted Natural Frequency 2500 Hz
Damping Ratio 0.7 +0.15/-0.10
Transverse Sensitivity (max) 3 %
Zero Measured Output (max) + 25 mV
Non-linearity & Hysteresis
(% of reading, max, to full range)
± 1 %
Thermal Zero Shift (Maximum) ± 20 mV

Thermal Sensitivity Shift

(ref +75°F (+24°C))

% -5/-2/0/-2/-5
°F 0/+25/+75/+150/+200
°C -18/-4/+24/+66/+93
Weight 1 oz (28 gm)
Case Material stainless steel
Electronic connections Integral 6-pin connector

Acceleration Limits

(in any direction)

Static 250 g
Sinusoidal 250 g
Shock 2500 g
Temperature operating 0 to 200°F (-18 to 93°C)
non-operating -20 to 220°F (-29 to 104°C)
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