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NSEL Testing Machine Rental Directions

  1. Login to Google Calendar:
    • Email: testing.permission
    • Password: approved2023
  2. In the left sidebar, check the name of the machine you would like to use under Other Calendars to check its availability on the calendar (leave Testing Permission under My Calendars checked as well). Changing the view of the calendar may be done by using the tabs above it (Day, Week, Month, etc.).
  3. If the machine is available when you wish to reserve it, click on the time at which you would like to begin using it. When the pop-up appears, click on "edit event details."
  4. Fill out the event information as follows:
    • What: Enter the name of the equipment to be reserved
    • When: Verify the date and enter the starting and end times of the machine's use
    • Repeats: Select Does not repeat
    • Description: Copy and fill in the following form:
      • Principle Investigator: Advisor's name
      • Users: Names of the individual(s) conducting the tests
      • User email: Your e-mail address
      • Account number: Account number testing should be charged to
      • Description: Description of testing
    • Guests: Enter and and any other guests you would like to invite (optional)
    • All other fields may be left blank
  5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. When asked to send invitations, select "Send."

Once your request is viewed and approved, you will receive an email, Testing Approved, from the lab coordinator. You do not have to reply to this message.

Any questions regarding set-up and testing machines should be directed to the lab coordinator, Greg Banas in person or by e-mail, not through the calendar reservation system .

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