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500 kN (112 kip) INSTRON biaxial servo-controlled hydraulic frame


Load frame: Cruciform custom made

Actuator: 4 actuators Model A484.116

  • Static load capacity: ±500 kN (±112 kip)
  • Dynamic load capacity: ±500 kN (±112 kip)
  • Piston displacement: ±50.8 mm (±2 in.)

Power supply: 503.13 series

  • Volume capacity: 340 x 10-3 m3/min. (90 gpm)
  • Pressure: 20.7 MPa (3,000 psi)

The shake table is driven by a brushless motor amplifier which is embedded in a UPM-15-03 Universal Power Module. Apart from powering the motor, the system includes an independent power supply which is used to power instrumentation on the models such as accelerometer, strain gauges or potentiometers. The amplifier specifications are:

Power Amplification:

  • Input voltage: 120 VAC
  • Maximum current: 25 Amps
  • Continuous current: 12.5 Amps
  • Brushless commutation: 120 Deg

Signal Conditioning Section:

  • DC output supply: ± 12 VDC
  • Maximum current: 1 Amp

Grips: custom made

Controller: 4 controllers INSTRON 8500 Plus

  • Control modes: position, load, strain I, strain II, in phase, out of phase
  • Computer: PowerMac for both control and acquiring data from up to 16 channels using LabView software
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