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Legacy – Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) was born in 1867, the year when University of Illinois was inaugurated. CEE was one of four branches of Polytechnic Department of the University. It was originally called Civil and Rural Engineering, that evolved to Civil Engineering and eventually to Civil and Environmental Engineering. The experimental research has always been very strong at CEE, particularly regarding structural materials and structures. This link presents all people who were essential to make the NSEL famous and well-respected research lab in the United States of America. 

history of the newmark structural engineering laboratory


Namesake of talbot laboratory

Prof. Arthur N. Talbot


Prof. Nathan M. Newmark

Professor emeritus of civil engineering

Prof. William J. Hall

history of earthquake engineering at the nsel

Prof. Mete A. Sözen

Fire resistance of structures

Prof. William L. Gamble

history of the newmark structural engineering laboratory

Prof. Daniel P. Abrams